Healthier Hair

1. Keeps hair hydrated

Silk doesn’t absorb your hair moisture as a cotton pillowcase would.  

Thus preventing dry & brittle hair in the morning.

2. Prevents frizzy hair 

The smooth texture of the silk doesn’t cause as much friction as a cotton pillowcase. 

Meaning you are less likely to wake up with a “bed head”. 

3. Limits split ends

The silky texture minimizes tangles and frizz, resulting in the limitation of split ends.

Healthier Skin

1. Prevents wrinkles

Silk pillowcases doesn’t cause much friction and won’t leave creases on your skin like cotton does, thanks to it smooth and soft surface, which is beneficial for preventing wrinkles. 

2. Keeps skin hydrated

Silk is a natural and smooth fabric, it will not absorb the products used on your face as much as cotton would. Helps in keeping the natural moisture from your skin on your face. 

3. Anti-ageing

The previous benefits help in keeping a youthful glow, leaving your skin hydrated and wrinkle free.